heyyy, nice to meet you :)

creative director. strategist. writer. talent. relational “expert”. human.  

it started with a blogspot full of short skirts, skateboards, and social justice — it’s been a bunch of zig-zags ever since. 

i’ve got a lot of different identities, and they all play into how i filter, process, critically analyze and create. i show up with all of me, and i work to make spaces that are safe for everyone else to show up with all of them too.

influences: 90’s skate culture, arabic trap, azulejo, the myth of the brazilian racial democracy, batuque, patti smith, secret surf spots, strippers, trauma-informed practices, latin american love motels


i do lots of things, but everything i do is to make space for people of all bodies and identities to tell their stories.

i do that as:

- a Brand Advisor and Creative Consultant for brands and agencies that give a shit
- an international speaker on representation in media and advertising
- an identity, gender, and power writer
- a Creative Director for Do the WeRQ, a platform highlighting LGBTQ+ talent in advertising
- a pro-mentor for 100 Roses from Concrete, an organization for people of color in advertising

as founding member of the Women of SexTech and author of Salon’s inaugural non-gendered, identity inclusive sex & love advice column, i’ve been at the forefront of the conversation pushing for inclusivity, uncensorship, and education in the sex, tech, and wellness space for over a decade. i’ve written, spoken, and educated internationally on topics ranging from digital community building and sex ed accessiblity to brand responsiblity and queering creative.

most recently, i’ve made headlines all over the world for my decision to post sex work as a professional experience on LinkedIn. oops.

i’m a SONDERSLAND 2022 Speaker and Award Nominee (tbd if i get one!).

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